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Construction of tools and fixtures


The CNC milling department, which currently has 18 three- or five-axis machines and various lathes, forms one of the focal points in mechanische Werkstätte R. Riemensperger GmbH.

Years of experience, detailed analysis of the process parameters and the ability to improvise enable the team to produce components with excellent properties and of first-class quality.

Our expertise is characterised by the capacity to produce components with smoothness of +/- 3µm, parallelism of < 1/100 and surface finish of Rz 2.5; this is achieved at the required repetition precision of < 1/100 mm.

Furthermore, subsequent process steps such as smoothing and eroding can often be dispensed with.

Mr Schneider, Head of CNC Turning:"The processing of exotic materials such as Invar and the production of particularly delicate components are both a special challenge and a pleasure. Here, we were able to reproducibly depict a surface finish of Rz 1.6 on components in the tolerance range of a few µm.


Our plant:

Five-axis processing centres,
(X) 1,800  (Y) 2,000   (Z) 1,100 (DMU 200P cover)
(X) 1,250  (Y) 880      (Z) 800
(X) 800     (Y) 700      (Z) 600
(X) 1,060  (Y) 610      (Z) 610
(X) 1,020  (Y) 510      (Z) 610

Five-axis milling machines
(X) 500  (Y) 400   (Z) 400

Three-axis HSC milling machines
(X) 850  (Y) 600   (Z) 500

Three-axis CNC processing centres
(X) 1,625  (Y) 860   (Z) 760
(X) 1.020  (Y) 510   (Z) 610
(X) 760  (Y) 510   (Z) 510

Three-axis bed-type milling machines
(X) 2,700  (Y) 1,200   (Z) 1,000
(X) 1,900  (Y) 1,250   (Z) 1,000
(X) 1,500  (Y) 800   (Z) 800
(X) 2,000  (Y) 1,000  (Z) 1,000

CNC lathes
Gildemeister CTX 400, centre height 300mm/turning length 600mm, driven tools and C-axis
Gildemeister CTX 500, centre height 350mm/turning length 1,000mm, driven tools and C-axis

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